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Types Of Charter

At Baroque Yachting our portfolio of stunning sailing vessels can take you across the seven seas in a variety of styles. Whether you dream of reaching the furthest corners of Antarctica or if you prefer family fun against the backdrop of the Bahamas, spiritual sojourns to South East Asia, or a blend of adventure and ease – our yacht charter specialists can tailor expeditions that surpass even the greatest expectations.


Adventure Yachting

Surf pristine peaks in the Maldives, go jet-skiing along the coast of France, rock-climb in Corsica, and dive down to the deepest depths of the Caribbean – adventure yachting takes your charter to a whole new level. For those guests who prefer active adventures to sun-lounging and swimming, we can curate tailored itineraries dashed with adrenaline to some of the worlds most exciting sailing destinations.


Expedition Yachting

Set sail for lands of ice and fire – see groaning glaciers in Antarctica, watch whales breach cold water in Canada, follow in the footsteps of Vikings as you follow the Fjords of Norway, and wind down the rivers and rainforests of South America. Expedition yachting offers that brilliant blend of intrepid travel with all your superyacht creature comforts.


Family Yachting

From the blue flag bliss of Greece’s glorious beaches to pirate play in the British Virgin Islands, superyachts can be a sublime place for making amazing family memories. Family yachting can combine cultural immersion with island hopping, sweet beach breaks, and the chance to indulge in the worlds best watersports. From the smallest seafarers to active teens, we can map out the most amazing yacht adventure to fit your family.


Health and Wellness Yachting

Coconut scrubs in French Polynesia, yoga stays in Bali, and meditation retreats against the soundtrack of a soft ocean – yachting can be the ultimate partner to a wonderful health and wellness escape. Days on a superyacht can be a blissful blur of wild swimming, saunas, hot-tub dips, yoga mornings, and spa escapes. For those looking to rebalance body, mind and soul - our charter team can fine-tune a wonderful wellness journey.


Bespoke Yachting

A yacht charter can become your own floating oasis meaning that every moment can be tailored to meet your every need. The beauty of sailing your own yacht is that no two days and no two destinations need to be the same. Build your own breathtaking experience by choosing to balance yachting styles. Whether you want to spend your superyacht vacation visiting the best golf courses and beaches, or if you want to hike or cycle craggy coastlines during the day and sink into wine and dine style evenings– our team can artfully combine themes to curate an itinerary that ticks all the boxes.

Featured yachts

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