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Regions & Destinations

From the sultry kiss of the Caribbean to the culturally rich shores of the Mediterranean, at Baroque Yachting we invite you to explore some of the worlds finest destinations worth setting sail for. Whether dreaming of romantic escapes to see the sunsets of Santorini or if planning a corporate charter to the best golf courses of Miami, we can connect you to the most captivating destinations scattered across the seven seas.


Set sail for the glitz and glamor of the gorgeous French Riviera where movie stars stroll the red carpet of Cannes and yachts dot the harbor of Monaco. Cruise through the clear waters of the Cyclades on an Odysseus style sojourn around the Greek Islands and find yourself utterly charmed by the pastel cliff-clinging villages of Italy’s Cinque Terre. For guests looking to experience lashings of culture, centuries of history, and some of the finest gourmand experiences in the world – the Western Mediterranean is your oyster.

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Northern Europe

The shores of Northern Europe are rich in lyrical landscapes and Viking lore. From winding fjords of Norway to the glaciers and mountains blazing beneath the aurora borealis in the north, the far flung Faroe islands, Scotland with its crumbling castles, lochs, and whiskey wonders, and Ireland with its wild Atlantic Coast. While not a destination of pure sun and sand, Northern Europe offers a novel thick list of wonders for nautical lovers.

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Charter Destination: Northern Europe


Barefoot bliss is waiting for you onboard a yacht charter to the sun-kissed collective that makes up the Caribbean and the Bahamas. From old pirate lore in the Leeward Islands to living a majestic yacht lifestyle in the ritzy St Barts, carnival color in Trinidad and Tobago, and rich colonial history and epic sport fishing in the Bahamas – this side of the globe is a sailors dream. Spend weeks hopping from one island to the next, step ashore for the taste of conch, and fall in love with those evocative laid-back vibes that makes the Caribbean so special.

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Red Sea

There’s no better way to unravel the Red Sea’s intricate beauty and mystery than to sail through bountiful and untouched regions of unknown waters. This rare region of the world contains epic coral reefs and sea life that make it one of the most coveted diving and snorkeling kingdoms on the planet. Because the Red Sea is 35% saltier than most other seas, the saline concentration will usher travelers into a water escape that improves blood circulation, and nearby black sand beaches contain trace minerals, which can be used to treat skin inflammation, rheumatism, and arthritis.

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Charter Destination: Red Sea

Indian Ocean

The sanguine delights of the Seychelles with its sugar white coves and lively culture or the lavish luxury on stilts that marks the Maldives on the map – yachting around the Indian Ocean is certainly the stuff of dreams. From casting your line in marine rich waters to sprawling out on the worlds best beaches, find your heaven in honeymoon bliss, and explore the iridescent hues of these enigmatic islands.

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Charter Destination: Indian Ocean

South East Asia

Go island hopping across the silky shores of Thailand, rise high above the famous stupas of Myanmar, marvel at ancient dragons in Indonesia, and indulge all the senses with the cuisine and canopies of magical Malaysia – South East Asia delivers a dreamy and decadent yacht experience. Find the purest pleasures on the Phi Phi Islands, sail down the untouched streams that ebb and flow through the Mergui Archipalago and bliss out in hip and happening Bali; South East Asia is a smorgasbord for superyachts.

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Superyacht lovers are sure to feel at home on the blue and pink shores of Bermuda. Home to the Americas Cup Competition, soft pastel colored sands, and beautiful architecture, there’s something about Bermuda that keeps tempting sophisticated sailors back again.

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Charter Destination: Bermuda

South America

Beach lovers and those who wish for sailing adventures built on swaying palms, dark dense jungles, and joyful people will love the Latino spirit of South America. One of the more intrepid destinations for yacht travelers, South America boasts a lively collection of ports of call covering everything from the wilderness of Patagonia to the Inca Kingdoms of Peru. Blend a yacht escape with the chance to witness UNESCO wonders, ancient civilizations, sparkling beaches and the best ceviche dishes in the world.

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Charter Destination: South America


Epic icebergs, a billion and one stars, crystal clear cold waters and singing whales – Antarctica is the ultimate yacht adventure that invites you to sail to the very ends of the earth. Unlike any other sailing destination in the world, this fur clad journey invites you to swap out sandy beaches for sealions and snorkeling for star gazing.

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Charter Destination: Antarctica

North America

Old whaling towns, white picket fences, and the happening haunts of The Hamptons, North America brings endless adventures for the superyacht explorer. Whether you seek sultry Miami nights, a dose of California cool, or New England’s nautical nature, North America has a shoreline to suit every style of yachting you can imagine. Spend weeks lost in the Caribbean flair of the Florida Keys, sail alongside breathtaking views and whales in the Pacific Northwest, and gaze in awe at Alaska’s glaciers.

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South Pacific

From the divine dances of the Mauri people in New Zealand to the cracked vanilla beaches of French Polynesia, and the lavish luxuries that can be found in Fiji, the South Pacific is a fairytale for yacht charters. These near perfect ports of call cover everything from five-star spas and private islands to beaches plucked straight from postcards. When you tire of snorkeling and swimming, there’s wine tasting, chic city stays, and endless adventure to be found in Australia, and the outdoor playground of New Zealand.

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Central America

Sloths hanging from the trees, volcanoes, black sands, and dazzling snorkeling and diving; Central America is a must stop on your superyacht charter itinerary. Far from the beaten track, sailing these slow-paced, rich and evocative shores ensures plenty of epic adventures and intimate local experiences. From the tantalizing temple ruins of Mexico to the wildlife wonders of Costa Rica; nature lovers will fall head over heels for the gauzy blues and greens of Central America.

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Charter Destination: Central America


Land of a thousand sunrises, staggering wildlife, and the footsteps of first man; Africa always feels like a homecoming. A vivid off the beaten path destination, luxury yacht charters to Africa will find dramatically different shores; from the fragrant flora strewn island of Madagascar to the spice islands of Zanzibar and the sweltering Swahili coast that clings to Kenya. For a sophisticated sailing sojourn, South Africa brings world class wining and dining to the forefront. But wherever you go, Africa will be your greatest adventure.

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Charter Destination: Africa

Galapagos Islands

Home of the blue footed booby, world-class diving, and fascinating flora and fauna – a yacht adventure to the Galapagos Islands invites you to star in your very own nature documentary. Think pink flamingos, giant tortoises trundling across the rocks, and hundreds of lesser seen endemic species that enchant and inspire.

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Charter Destination: Galapagos Islands

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