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Global Events Calendar

A superyacht offers unfettered access to some of the worlds first class events. From the purr of the Grand Prix to strutting the red carpet at the finest film awards, front row seats to top class sporting competitions, and a chance to admire breezy white sails and top speeds at the Caribbean’s refined regattas, a yacht is your ticket to be a part of the action. Epic experiences blend with the pleasure of your own floating paradise when you step onboard with Baroque Yachting.


Sporting Style

Enjoy front-row seats to the roar of the F1 races – all the way from Monaco to Dubai. Witness country’s cheer in mega stadiums at the FIFA World Cup. Start planning for floating Olympic bliss, and book tickets to the most exhilarating sporting events across the globe. The beauty of charter-requests your own yacht charter for epic sporting occasions is the fact you can blend raw adrenaline with the retreat of your own floating home.


Corporate Occasions

Curate memorable connections, broker business deals in style, entertain very special clients, and reward employee loyalty with an experience they will never forget. Whatever your reason for needing an exquisite corporate savvy space, a private yacht charter delivers a dreamy and highly adaptable environment. With your own private crew, elegant cabins, and all the fine features for business and play – you can be sure of leaving a fabulous impression and making a statement in the world of business.


Social Sophistication

Take your pick from black tux film festivals, haute couture fashion shows, A-list music shows, lavish events, and every imaginable luxury lifestyle event on your highly curated calendar. A private yacht charter lends the perfect setting for living the life of Riley in first-class style. Endless deck space, the bubble of a Jacuzzi, a well-stocked bar, and a crew well-versed in high-class etiquette, this is the party pad or private retreat you have been waiting for.


Superyachts Regattas

From the white sails of Antigua to ancient maritime fun in New England’s summer playgrounds, there is no finer way to soak up the action of the worlds most famous regattas, than on the warm teak deck of your own private charter. The superyacht regatta calendar makes for enticing viewing; visit the best yacht clubs in the world, admire a wealth of beautiful boats, and even select a sail worthy vessel to participate in pure sailing glory.


Beautiful Boat Shows

Feast your eyes on the finest watercrafts in the world as you step ashore at the best ports of call to soak up the sublime atmosphere of the best boat and yacht shows. From Monaco’s Yacht Show to Dubai’s International Boat Show, these events offer incredible chances to meet, mingle, and share a love and passion for the craftmanship, design, and innovative world of yachting.

Featured yachts

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